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The wiki will explore the current educational revolution of electronic devices within classrooms. It will discuss and compare the educational (both academic and holistic) benefits of iPad's and laptops. It will show that the integration of laptops, in comparison to other mobile devices, will have a greater, more significant, educational impact on students.

This wiki will focus not only on the potential benefits of laptops in the classroom, but also the challenges that have arised due to the integration of these devices, specifically teacher readiness.

A comparison between the two leading technological devices within classrooms, laptops and iPad's, is essential as it provides a justification for the innovative solution within this wiki. Seen here

The second part of the issue within this contemporary subject is insufficient teacher technological training and support.

This wiki suggests a solution that addresses both issues at a core level.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching[1] (VIT) Professional Teaching Standards[2], and an idea by Inan & Lowther (2010) will be used as a frameworks for justification of the offered solution.

This wiki has been designed to be read either in sequential order (as listed in the Navigation menu) or non-sequential order.

Please note that correct referencing (APA6) can be seen here.


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