The Issue Edit

There is an undeniable amount of evidence suggesting that the use of technology in a learning environment does enrich it (Burden et al., 2012, Lynch and Redpath, 2012, Manuguerra and Petocz, 2011 and Saine, 2012). Due to this, there is a national consensus developing towards the increased use of technology in learning, however this is no clear agreement on how technology should be integrated, nor is there a clear agreement on what constitutes sufficient technological and pedagogical support (Zheng, 2014).

The recent increase in the presence of technology in schools has occurred rapidly and with some dire consequences as a result of poor implementation. Issues such as digital behavioural issues, high cost of maintenance and repair, and a poor knowledge of digital technology by teachers (Silvernail & Lane, 2004) are a few of the penalties suffered due rushed and uninformed policy

The primary issues to be focused on within this wikia are insufficient teacher knowledge of technologies, inadequate technological teacher support, the advantages of using a one-to-one device policy with laptops, and the integration of wiki's into classrooms. Justification of these issues can be found here.

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